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The latest with scams, click bait to get you to do what the attackers want.

PayPal scams continue to include your phones - phishing-trap texts. That's right texts!

Also Instant messenger scams.

As the latest phishing attacks continue our clients need information to keep their information safe. One of our clients sent us these latest phishing attack texts, along with a instant messenger scam.

Again to remind everyone, please reach out to LMBTSI or your IT people for help with any issue of this nature.

Example one:

Please note to the address (image one) on this text, very very very very bogus.

Website address (Image two) is outrageously bogus.

Image one:

Check the email address:

Image two:

Check the web address:

Or maybe the instant messenger scam.

Note this account may have been taken over by an attacker due to the nature of the message or repeated attempts to get you to click the bait!


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