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About Us

Our mission is to provide a common sense IT approach at the best possible price with the best possible service for technology that people and businesses use everyday.


We want to be your go to technology services advocate and partner. 

A "Common Sense" technology services provider since 1995, LMB Technical Services can help you navigate the technical world we live in today by providing solutions and products that make sense for your small business of 1-50 people or personal residence .

LMB Technical Services offers a variety of services to best help you and your technological issues. These services include help desk support services, break/fix solutions, managed service provider options, remote support, and second opinions for current technology services. Our goal is to help you standardize your technology to meet the fast paced needs of businesses and everyday users.

We have been partnering with local people for three decades to find business solutions and to help troubleshoot personal devices. We look forward for continuing to offer our services to both new and existsing clients for many years to come.



Our Business Partners

​We work with some of the best providers in the technology business today, please see below for a list of them. If you have any questions on some of the vendors we have available, please contact us.

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