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  • First let's start by stating LMBTSI would never send an unsolicited invoice to anyone at anytime.

  • Second, if any one of our customer feels they have received something, anything, in error from LMBTSI contact us immediately so we can work with you to get the needful for police, if required. Do not click any links or buttons on the email, no matter how legit it looks. Log into your PayPal account in a browser or from the mobile app only.

  • Otherwise, report to the appropriate parties you received it and in our case call PayPal (Real PayPal Support Number: 844.368.6633) immediately to cancel, challenge and report that activity.

  • Thirdly, forward that email to, then delete it all the way through.

  • Go through these images and if you have any question please contact us and please go over this information with your organization to ensure their awarenss is sharp on this latest version this phishing attempt.

Here are some screen shots of the lasted version of PayPal phishing/fraud attempts:

Email address looks super legit!!

Email address looks super legit!!

Note phone number at the bottom of the this image, it's not the PayPal support number and if you call it the person on the other end cannot verify they are from PayPal, they will give you an alleged employee name and employee number which cannot be verified.

What the PayPal line entries look like:

What it looks like inside the PayPal mobile app to get legitimate help from PayPal support!


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