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The latest newsletter from "" brought up a great topic. IT certifications. Do you want a technician or IT professional who can pass a test for a cert or function in real world scenarios, or both?

I became a IT professional in an old school way learning IT like a tradesperson to make sure I understood the principles of hardware systems and how they are used at all levels of the OSI model, somehow I think that's more important than just slapping an app/web-dev on AWS, Shopify, Cloudflare, cash the checks and calling it "innovative".

Content from TechGenix May Newsletter:

Editor’s Corner – May Newsletter from

Are certifications still relevant for the IT profession? That’s the question that was

raised in an article on ITPro Today which asks whether the Information

professional IT workers. Now I have to confess that I don’t know many IT pros

who are ITIL certified, though I suspect that’s because I live in Canada not over in

Europe or the UK. I know lots of colleagues however who hold CISSP, CCIE, or

CCNP, a few holding ISACA, a couple with Microsoft or VMWare, and a bunch

having various CompTIA certifications. But overall, it seems to me that the days of

listing a long string of certifications in your email sig are fading fast.

Yet when I tried to dig around on the subject it seems like certifications are still

very much around, except they seem to have evolved. For instance, a recent

article by Eric Eissler on TechGenix asks which are the most popular DevOps

certifications these days. DevOps certs? I didn’t know you could even get certified

in that quickly evolving (and somewhat poorly defined) area of computing. Then

there’s this article by Mattias Andersson that asks Which AWS certification is right

for me? Again, I wasn’t aware of the broad range of different AWS certifications

available, and they’re likely proliferating as rapidly as new features are appearing

in the AWS platform. And Microsoft certainly thinks its bevvy of certifications are

still relevant based on this FAQ they recently published on the Microsoft Learn


So, certifications certainly still seem like a big business even today. Or are they? Is

it mostly certification vendors who are pushing this? Or does having the right

certifications really matter today for getting a job in the IT profession?


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