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Customer Alert - Rise of CryptoWall Ransomware Vunerability.

Please alert your people of this potential threat.

The main component of this threat is user interaction, the end user has to click through this threat. Once this threat is engaged all data from the local machine and any network available shares are encrypted and then are extorted to pay the attacker who initiated the attack.

An updated anti-virus program is the first line of defense with this threat. (Symantec, Microsoft, AVG, etcetera.)

The only way to resolve this threat is to reset the workstation to an earlier time or factory reset and recover network files from tape backup prior to the threat being activated.

The best defense with this threat is to educate the end user community to this issue and heighten there awareness if and when their anti-virus program alerts them to the issue, as well as, not to execute attachments which can be a potential risk.

If anyone has any questions on this threat or is we need to have a quick online session to answer any questions, please let me know.

Web link resources/articles related to this alert:


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