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Continuing Email Troubles, Keep your awareness sharp!

Good morning everyone.

OK, at times I know things can get hectic and we don’t always look at some minor details.

Here is the latest Bad Emails to come through O365 email spam filters which originate from China.

Bad actors are phishing O365 email users because of the trust level on spam filters and highest return of effect to a scam campaign.

The first email will be a typical email sent to a user to get O365 login information from that user. The other email is an outright threat and or fraud and should be reported to your IT provider and local police to have a report on file.

I’ll post this on our blog and Facebook for everyone to use as a reference. Please make sure you get email header information if your email turns out to be an illegal one shown here.

If you need help with that please contact us, don’t just forward the email to us, it’s important to process that information as it is in your email box to your email address.

It’s important to not only handling these email delicately, but to also keep your folks awareness sharp to fight the fight of these bad actors.

Thanks everyone and safe computing!!!

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