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Here's an update with the latest approach to user or consumer awareness on vulnerabilities or threats. Also we want to recognize one of our clients who are proving to overcome daily attacks and threats via email to now be acutely aware of fraudulent phishing emails.


And now the newest form of threat to your identity, that comes to your smartphones.

This came to one of our clients and is full of just bad phishing and identity theft threats.

Cyber criminals are relying on you to be naïve or not-focused and actually follow the web-links/hyper-links to get your banking information to steal money from your account as well as your identity.

We remind our customers to keep their awareness up and focus on things that may look OK or legit, but are not. So, of course if you have concerns over something like this comes your way, contact your bank, through the published known numbers to verify those messages and make sure you record their name or ID, date/time to confirm or refute any information related to your call.


Here is a copy of an email sent to one of our best clients who keep their people up to date with bogus emails and email threats. Hats off to them and keep up the great awareness of bad or bogus emails. Awesome and keep up the great awareness for you and your folks!

Things to note on this round of bogus Office 365 emails: (DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS!!)

Note the "from" line.

It shows Microsoft Office 365 .... but is from ((

(do not click these links!)

The Review recent activity button points to:

((( (do not click these links!)

This link points to a website to simulate office 365 log in to steal your email address and password. Then log into your account to steal your contacts and forward mail as you to perpetuate the scam.

Of course if you feel that you are unsure of the email contact your technology professionals to answer your concerns about emails. Our advise is that if an email comes from a known email address and does not seem to be normal, then call that sender to verify that email's authenticity.

Again, if you have suspicions call us at LMB Technical Services and we'll help sort those types of concerns out.

BAD MAIL Example:

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