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Browser Scareware - What do I do?

Our clients have reported an uptick in browser scareware events.

Let's go over this threat and how to handle them.

You go to a website you normally frequent and then suddenly you get a flashing alert that is sounding an alarm or a persons voice is telling you that your computer has been violated, contaminated with a virus or malware and you need to call a phone number right away to get your computer cleaned up. So, if you react as expected by this scareware tactic, you will call them, (somewhere overseas) to a call center, claiming to be Microsoft or a Microsoft/Apple/Dell/HP support certified company that will pressure you into allowing them to connect to your computer via remote access, for around $200.00 and will proceed to infect your computer, steal data and possibly your identity. This scam or fraud as it is, is a crime and should be reported to the local police and could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Please do not give them any personal information and mostly don't let them access your computer system/s.

One case reported to us, was the scareware fraud was repeated four times on a couple to the amount of $3000.00 dollars and a useless computer system and stolen identities.

So don't give any callers your personal information or access to your computer or personal device. EVER!

Resources or steps to get free of the scareware tactics:

Of course any questions related to these threats please email or give us a call.

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