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Fruit-Fly Apple-Malware on the rise!

Per the tech blogs the Apple malware Fruit-fly malware is on the rise again!

LMB Advice:

So Apple users please take the appropriate steps to ensure you have the latest updates which apply to your device or system. Apple devices, some older models are at lesser versions and are not capable, due to hardware restrictions, to get to the latest versions of Apple software.

So in other words, newer systems are able to get the latest versions and older systems are not and will stop working when attempting to upgrade the latest version of Apple software.

Simply call Apple support or us at LMB to give you information related to this latest technical threat or concern.

Anti-virus software is available for some systems, so, give us a call with questions on this.

Of course, you the user are the best defense with any malware threat. Please review the links below to gain some information related to the this return of the Fruit-Fly threat.

Be safe out there!



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