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The next big thing in cyber security to protect your business is ..............You!

That's right, you and your people are the best defense from cyber threats. Having and being aware of bad emails and scams and keeping your folks up to date on the all the bad actors out there is the best cyber defense, according to our clients. Yes, there is technology out there that continues to fight the good fight every day for cyber security as well as technical rules which need to be followed.

Here are some of the best things to make sure your business or your home technology is always working for you instead of the bad actors.



Software or hardware is your first line of defense against cyber threats.

Keep it out on the dark web instead of your local networks or systems.


Always make sure you have the latest antivirus and it's up to date.

Operating systems, Apple or Windows, even Lynx require updates or patches to keep it secure.


Keep your data backed up, cloud, local, system restores, what matters is that you're doing it and it's up to date. Because if and when you are hit you can recover. You should always be able to replace the systems and software, you can't replace the data.

Remember if you have a $25k backup solution and you're company is hit by a tornado and that device ends up 10 miles away what good is it if it's not able to do what it's designed to do, recover from a disaster.

You and your people:

Human intervention is today's cyber threat to help execute malware to be installed, so it can do the work of an bad actor or attacker. Not much true hacking of systems is used today as in the past. Reverse engineering is the number one hack used by bad actors. Why work when you can have a inside accomplice give you a hand with getting what you want.

Even a simple phone call can lead to a data breach or technical compromise these days.

Password Policies:

Should we cover this topic again??

Come on folks you know what to do here.


Keep your people up to speed with information on the latest attempts to compromise your email system. Remember they are your first line of defense. When your people get a bad email, they should know how to recognize it and how to deal with it. Stay engaged with your tech support, suppliers/vendors, etcetera, they will keep you informed with helpful information to keep your staff informed of human intervention threats. If they don't then get rid of them.

Of course:

Please call us to help answer any questions you may have, stay safe out there in cyber-land!

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