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LMB - Quarterly Newsletter - June 2016

Welcome to the June 2016 Newsletter.


These quarterly topics;

Personal thoughts, your home and business, the latest, Microsoft, Apple.

Personal thoughts:

I want to personally want to thank all of our customers and their business throughout the years. Without you there would be no LMB Technology Services. So, Thank you so much for your business.

Also a reminder please do not use your personal devices when you drive. Not only is it against the law, but it can get you killed, really.

Your Home and Business technical quarterly tasks:

As in any organization and technology involved with your home or business it can be more reliable and cost efficient as you make it. One of the most important best practice is regular maintenance. So every quarter organizations follow standard guidelines to perform maintenance to keep systems in good order. So here are just some basic ones to follow. **Patching: make sure systems have the appropriate software/firmware needed from the OEM.

**System cleaning: using compressed air to blow out system ventilation to keep systems working with optimal efficiency.

**Anti-Virus: Ensure your anti-virus programs are up to date with the latest definition files to keep your systems protected.

The latest:

This area I want to give people links to technical stuff they might be interested in. No it won’t be dorky nerdy stuff I would interested in but helpful interesting things to all of you, our clients. I would be open to guests in this area too. Let us know. Here are some of our resources to share with you.


We can be more objective here and provide better guidance on the Windows 10 operating system. For companies using a business application, contact that vendor to make sure your business app supports Windows 10. We have already had customers who are required to stay on Windows 7 due to some business applications not working in Windows 10 due to some changes to file level access to work properly. So, please make sure your hardware and software manufactures/vendors are compatible with Windows 10 before you upgrade. One more item clients have come to us for when dealing with Windows 10 upgrades is memory, we are finding that most systems need more memory, so make sure you check to make sure you have at least 1 and half or double the amount of memory to accommodate Windows 10. If you’re not sure then just call us.

More Windows 10 information:


Clients have reminded us to remind everyone about Apple updates. Well, here we go. Any Apple devices you may own and before you go into any update scenario here are some important tips.

Make sure your device with handle that update without any issue to avoid any issues that may cause you trouble. Check with Apple support or visit your local Apple store genius your device can be updated. We have already had multiple Apple products this year from phones to laptops all have been affected by Apple OS updates. As always make sure you backup your data before you update any device to ensure you don't lose any data. Of course if you have any questions on this please give us a call.

More Apple updates information:

As always, please continue to give us your feedback/input to keep this content relevent to what you would like to know.

Thank you,

LMB Technical Services Inc.

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