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Quarterly Newsletter - March 2016

The winds of change are blowing here at LMB, so with that we are changing things up. With some feedback from our customers we are going to centralize our content and make it available from our website blog. Thus minimizing the regular emailed quarterly newsletter. We will send out a Constant Contact email to our existing clientele to give them some topics available and then link them to this site or place for that content.


These quarterly topics;

Personal thoughts, your business and security, the latest, Microsoft, Apple.

Personal thoughts:

I want to personally want to thank all of our customers and their business throughout the years. Without you there would be no LMB Technology Services. So, Thank you so much for your business. Also a reminder please do not use your personal device when you drive. Not only is it against the law, but it can get you killed, like really dead.

Your Business and security:

You’re only as safe as you make it. Recently one of our clients had encountered a new strain of the crypto-ware vulnerability in an attachment of an email. The client was aware that something wasn’t right and information was starting to be encrypted. Fortunately, they have regular backups of their empirical data or important data, we were able to work with them to restore what was encrypted and move on from what could had been a bad situation for them. (Cryto-ware vulnerabilities have been on the rise for the past few years and are evolving to be more human intervention friendly.) So, always be cautious of emails with attachments, if you’re not sure then contact the person sending it to you to make sure it is what it is. Besides, a small effort to avoid a costly one seems to make more sense. Furthermore, make sure you are backing things up, have up to date anti-virus and so on.

The latest:

This area I want to give people links to technical stuff they might be interested in. No it won’t be dorky nerdy stuff I would interested in but helpful interesting things to all of you, our clients. I would be open to guests in this area too. Let us know. Here are some of our resources to share with you.


OK, the clients have spoken, Windows 10 is a “live beta test” operating system. (Their words) From my side of the fence here is my advice to folks. If you’re not in a structured IT environment, then please chose to create a local Microsoft profile as opposed to the email based one. Here’s why, if you lose your password or if you need to access that information for legal or other reasons it will be rendered inaccessible. Now if that’s your intention that’s fine but I have had multiple clients who have had loved ones pass away and they were forced to provide a death certificate to Microsoft ( to unlock the account. So please opt for the local machine account instead. If you’re not sure then just call us.


Well, let’s keep this one off marketing and on products. The Apple iPad Pro is out to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro. So far clients are picking the Surface Pro for business related tasks. My suggestion in this area is the IPad is a great multi-media tablet product and works with light Internet based business access. It’s not matured enough to work well as a remote desktop access device to interface with your desktop at home. Stick to card games online content and so on. When the Apple IPad Pro matures then we’ll come back to visit this one. Your Apple account, the recent Apple engagement with the Feds has brought up the number one issue Apple owners have. One account does it all. So remember to make sure you record your Apple account information and keep it current, you will regret it if you have to deal with Apple to unlock your account. Clients say just that aspect of Apple has forced them to reexamine their technology choice.

As always, please continue to give us your feedback/input to keep this content relevent to what you would like to know.

Thank you,

LMB Technical Services Inc.

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