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Important update/alert to our clientele.

The past 30 days have been very significant:

A third client in the St. Charles, IL area, in the last 30 days. was confronted with fraud by phone. (IRS, Microsoft, Dell, HP, BestBuy are calling you to address/help you a problem with your computer.) These calls are getting more sophisticated and convincing. Please do the best you can to educate all the people in your office/within your organization, family and friends to not fall prey to these attempts. Call your local police if necessary.

I had a client who was a victim of a Chase data breach with information of such a personal nature had an attempted to wire transfer money from their account.

An additional client was hit by a new variant of crypto-ware via email attachment as a document. (.doc-docx)

What you can do:

Stay vigilant with your efforts to keep your awareness of these vulnerabilities high and of course ensure your systems, (MAC, Windows, Android) whatever device you may be using by keeping these items current/up to date; anti-virus, system updates, java, etcetera, to keep your data safe.

At last report the highest vulnerable Internet oriented product today is a home thermostat, go figure. Change your passwords more frequently as well.

If you have any questions on this material or questions in general, please reach out to LMB Technical Services Inc.

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