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Backups, Backups, Backups:

One way or another backups play a role with your technology, mobile, office/business, home, everywhere technology is present. So approach it the best way for you and what you use technology for. In the Windows or Microsoft world you have to decide or determine what can be replaced and what is empirical data to be backed up.

That said you can replace hardware (computer, server, etcetera) and software (Office, Lotus Notes, QuickBooks, etcetera) you can't replace empirical data. What is empirical data? Data from QuickBooks or proprietary or business software.

Here are some suggestions on backing up:

- Small portable external drive to backup entire computer or empirical data.

- Cloud backups of empirical data by companies like Mozy, Carbonite, Amazon (AWS)

- Ensure you have the information from your software providers and if needed, source code to reinstall it.

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Latest News - Microsoft:

Apple world: from our clients over the past year have complained about the following areas.

- Mobile device IOS updates affecting phones: updates slowing down your phone's performance and battery usage time before needing a recharge.

- Apple OS updates and Apple hardware failures (IMac, Mac Book, Mac Book Air, IPad): Apple OS updates causing hardware failures when updating to the latest software. Best advise here is to contact Apple and ensure you backup your data before any changes to your Apple hardware.

- Privacy concerns, tracking consumers: Downloading apps and unaware that your private information has been obtained by the app provider or Apple default settings allowing information to be used by Apple for marketing and end user information.

- Apple ID issues: Customers having trouble with resetting passwords and account access issues.

- Apple ICloud backups: not working with older versions of Apple OS and not backing up critical data from certain devices. (Mobile, IPads computers)

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Latest News - Apple:

Tis the season of Phishing:

Every year at tax time (January through May) the phishing emails begin and keep coming until May (evan throughout the year). As we advise our clients, raise your Phishing email awareness. If it looks suspicious and you think it's suspicious then treat it that way. Make note of the sender and if it's someone you know contact them regarding that email to confirm it's legit. Of course you can contact LMB to ask us about those emails as well.

What not to do: NEVER!!!! click links, enter email or password information or any personal information for that matter.

As a victim of tax return filing fraud, due to a company data breach, make sure you keep your tax information available for the appropriate agency that may require you to validate your ID and your return.

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